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More and more teens are now able to have their teeth straightened without the need for metal braces.

With Invisalign Teen, your teenager can continue to enjoy all the things they love in life, from favourite foods to sports.

INVISIBLE: Invisalign clear aligners were designed to transform your smile without interrupting your life.

Invisalign Teen is effective at treating most teeth-straightening needs in teenagers. This includes alignment issues such as crowded teeth, gaps in their smile, open bites, under bites or overbites.

Made from a smooth plastic, Invisalign Teen aligners are practically invisible. The specially-made aligner slips snugly over your teen’s teeth, without irritating their lips, cheeks or gums.

FLEXIBLE: Invisalign clear aligners are completely removable and virtually invisible.

The light pressure of the aligners gently guides and positions the teeth. The aligners can be removed for easy cleaning and flossing, so your teen’s teeth and gums will stay healthier during treatment.

The first step in orthodontic treatment is to discuss with your orthodontist what you and your teen’s goals are and whether Invisalign Teen is appropriate for your teen.

UNIQUE: You’ll watch your smile transform before your eyes as you continue to enjoy life.

Profilo Dentalwill thoroughly assess your teen’s teeth, take X-rays and photographs, and precisely map the aligners using 3D design software.

Before treatment begins, they will show you a simulation of how your teen’s teeth will look after treatment.

Once treatment begins, your teen will receive a set of six to eight aligners at each appointment. These aligners will last around eight to 10 weeks when Profilo will supply a new set.

Between appointments, your teen will photograph their teeth each week using an app on their smartphone. We use a powerful algorithm to analyse how the teeth are moving and send your teen an alert when it’s time to move up to the next aligner in their set.

With Invisalign Teen there are no wires to change, elastics to replace, or brackets to reposition.

So appointments are much shorter than those needed for braces. In most cases, the team at ProfiloDental only need to perform a quick check to make sure the teeth are moving as they’re supposed to, and that your teen is ready for their next set of aligners.

At the end of any orthodontic treatment Profilo Dental recommend using a custom-made retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original position.

The cost of Invisalign Teen is comparable to conventional braces. Fewer appointments are needed and there is no need for emergency visits to repair wires or brackets. If your teen loses or damages an aligner during treatment Profilo Dental offer up to six replacement aligners free of charge.

To make treatment more affordable and accessible for you and your family, theyalso offer payment plans through DentiCare.

If you’re concerned about your teen’s teeth, or you’re not sure whether your teen needs orthodontic treatment, it’s important to discuss the issues with your orthodontist.

If your teen has an active lifestyle, or is self-conscious about their smile, it is well worth investigating Invisalign Teen. For more information, contact Profilo Dental on 4927 5177.

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